He's the co-owner of The Paffrath Organization, along with his wife, which is focused on real estate and renovations and has his YouTube channel, Meet Kevin, which delves into all sorts of personal wealth information. to Share exactly the recommended courses for beginning at different ages. How to communicate with contractors, agents, lenders. (This course is available immediately for delivery) Small deals Big deals. We'll also cover my clues to run after an inspection. How To Start From $0, or $20k, or $150k, or $500k, Special Notes for investing at 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old, Different Investing methods (AirBnBs, Flips, Wholesaling, and more), Finding Deals, Financing, Negotiation and Closing. I'll share my perspective on the different types of property including mobile homes, huge complexes, strip malls, office space, manufactured homes and industrial space. for you to use and for you to profit from? The Meet Kevin Pricing Power ETF (PP), with $500,000 in assets, fell 10 cents to $19.88 in its first day of trading on NYSE Arca. Ive made many great financial decisions, but Ive also learned the hard way and lost a ton of time and made huge money-draining mistakes that I dont want you to repeat. They currently own 22 properties in southern California, per CNBC. We'll also cover the exact terms to give as a buyer and as a seller. He wrapped his car with his ad in 2010. 8.10-Negotiating a deal as a seller with BUYING HACK and BONUS TRICK, 8.11:CLUES to RUN Following an Inspection. How to start from $0, $20k, $150k or $500k How to invest at 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old FLASH SALE: $1,538 $477 (SAVE $1,410 BEFORE THE SALE ENDS) 6.56: Loan Broker vs Direct Lender & Wholesale Lines of Credit. Expiring Soon: Save big on any product or bundle! _x0001F530_Understand not just the textbook fundamentals of how to calculate cashflow, buthow to How to FIND Cashflow and What it Means to you look at real estate from a different perspective. Meet Kevin got his real estate license at a young age, which led to troubles trying to start his business. Oder, Im unsure? However, news of his arrest came to light around 9th to 11th July. Kevin Paffrath and his wife, Lauren, met on a high school trip to Paris, and they became so close, Paffrath moved in with his then-girlfriend's family in southern California to finish his senior year of high school, reported CNBC. 6.34: What are you looking for? He has been featured on the New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, and CNBC.License tests Kevin has passed: Real Estate Agent; Real Estate Broker; California General B Contractor License; NASAA Series 65, Investment Advisor Representative; FAA Drone Pilot; and Mortgage Loan Originator (Lender). to You will understand the United States, and youll be able to communicate with them. What type of property is best? Should you be an agent? As of May 2021, Paffrath and his wife owned 22 properties, including one in which they live. Eventually we will likely charge monthly for these livestreams as a subscription. Section 12 we'll cover hacks and pitfalls like: And the BRRRR Method + Cashflow Psychology Pros and Cons We'll talk about the Investing Methods in Section 13. Its a guide. 8.3: Whats the deal? TRICK to SAVE THE DEAL. He helps viewers learn about personal finance, stocks, taxes, real estate, investing, and building wealth. Kevin Paffrath, better known by his YouTube handle, Meet Kevin, sort of fell into the career he has today. PLUS, a Hidden Secret An Example of Client Who Has Been Lost. Later, he bought several rental homes. The channel currently has around 1.8 million subscribers with more than 500 million views in total. Do you know the BEST question to ask in a negotiation? 6.79: Cash vs Secondary Notes-Out Refinance, 6.81: RELOC Rental Property Line of Credit. But if you join today you'll be grandfathered in to continue receiving these livestreams free of charge!This could save you thousands over time. Are these also suitable for international investors (outside United States)? The Mentality of a Millionaire Investor. Meet Kevin The fundamentals and principles behind real estate investing are taught in this course to Take it with youto The next level in wealthNo matter your level of experience: 360+ YEARS-ACCESS lectures benefit you no matter if you: Meet KevinThe Mission Statement of the CIA: Teach the details to Enjoy the lifestyle you desireMillionaire Real Estate Investor. VanEd's Real Estate Appraiser Courses Course: vaned.com .3. Remember all of what you're doing should be for the goal of living a fulfilled and happy life. 10.5: I want to Move a Wall & Engineers AND BONUS TRICK. Section 7 is on Valuation We're talking about very important lectures like "The Market Value Range", Fatal Mistakes with Comps, Tricks To Save Deals, Cap Rates, What Locations To Invest In, and the 3 Types of Wedge Deals! During that meeting, Paffrath mentioned he was making content once a week, at which point Stephan told him to up that to multiple videos a day and to put most of his effort into content creation. Where do you do that? This is why we say that we like to Simply put, it is better to teach than to give you cheat sheets. January 6, 2023 Entrepreneurship Kevin Paffrath, famously known as Meet Kevin is an American landlord, and financial analyst, who shares his vast real estate knowledge on YouTube. Paffrath also brings his YouTube content there, sometimes doing stock or investment streams just for students of his course. Ventura County, CA meetkevin.com Joined March 2009 110 313.9K Followers Tweets & replies Media Pinned Tweet Meet Kevin @realMeetKevin Dec 9, 2022 You might be in a paycheck-to-paycheck loop. Well cover everything you need to know to get on the right path and have the confidence to make the right financial decisions even if you dont have faith in your current knowledge and skills. The particulars contained are not intended to form part of any contract. Meet The 26 Year Old Bitcoin Millionaire | Rags To Riches Story with Colin Yurcisin - Episode 35 . This page is not ran by Kevin or anyone affiliated with Kevin. Kevin started his channel in 2010. How Did Meet Kevin Make His Money Meet Kevin started in real estate at a young age and bought a house in foreclosure as an investment. From small deals to big deals. Paffrath was born in Germany on January 28, 1992. 8.5: to You can use this information: Dealing With Buyers. 5.1: The Secret Agent Fallacy & The Best Way to Hunt. If youre already making good money, this course will help you get to that next level of wealth faster. I used a strategy that allowed me to put far less down than typically is required and jump into an undervalued property. Real estate news with posts on buying homes, celebrity real estate, unique houses, selling homes, and real estate advice from realtor.com. 3.7: Take this action RIGHT NOW to START Investing Real Estate. He built most of his portfolio in California and has amassed many properties totalling around a market value of $15 million. Copy my system and you'll be saved a ton of $, time, and bad tenant problems. Should you do month to month or lease agreements? We'll cover the answers to these questions in this section "The Mentality of a Millionaire Investor". Well cover the exact steps to START today, whether you're starting with $0 or with $1,000,000+. Bottom Line: Me. Paffrath is also an investor and real estate broker from Ventura, California. Meet Kevin has also made over $8 million from his online investing courses. Another reason you should consider joining soon is because the price youre seeing for the course right now wont be around for long. 1.4: Two things to Do it now (Before you Start). His parents immigrated from Wuppertal to the United States when he was 18 months old, and his parents divorced when he was six years old. 6:76:How to Rent your property and BUY NEW Property. But working for the company and being involved in the community has made him an even more successful investor. 9.5: Supplemental Taxes & Non Disclosure States. 6.44: Lease option (Rent). Learn exactly how I built mine! The Paffrath Organizationdoes business as (D.B.A.) Over360+ HIGH-QUALITYLectures to Your Mastery of Real Estate. (Paffrath worked with Ramsey's company for a short period of time.) Kevin These are the goals to LearnfundamentalsPrinciples that can be applied globally. He has gone to sell over $130,000,000 in real estate and transact over 200 individual deals. Real Estate Sales: From $0 to $500k & Beyond by Becoming a No-Pressure Agent. Trust me. Well, thats why I created this course To help you grow your net worth with the power of Real Estate Investing. Love meet Kevin's channel but you have to keep in mind he's still a greenhorn by industry standards. Locking What should I do? And before you think "ahh, I don't think I have the cash right now to build my real estate portfolio" I came from a broken, immigrant home with divorced parents. to It can be adapted to Their local area within 20 to Talking for 30 minutes to Local lender or agent (in their networks). Trademarked Slogans (NO Use Without Written Permission): Meet Kevin , No-Pressure Agent , Providing More . (Real Get the Sample, 6.32: Whats a? Eventually, the two settled out of court, though Paffrath did take down the videos criticizing Rasmey's company. Meet Kevin Real Estate Sales Associate Cell: 857-753-7184 Alicia Avalos Meet Alicia Real Estate Sales Associate Cell: 781-820-9768 Alberta Spezzaferri Meet Alberta Real Estate Sales Associate Cell: 617-908-7614 Akin Senyurt Meet Akin Real Estate Sales Associate Cell: 617-956-2975 Bettina Oliva Meet Bettina Real Estate Sales Associate He also sells an investing course which gives you access to his private Discord server. (Real Sample with Download. In Module 6 we'll cover drumroll FINANCING.. **TRAPS! Meet Kevin is a well-known American YouTube channel amongst people who are invested in the real estate business. Most Popular: Stocks & the Psychology of Money. to Calculate payments (Skip to the Calculator; Most). Instead, he bought a house in foreclosure, fixed it up, and flipped it, which ignited his real estate career. $39.99 Contact Email: sales@bizarena.org. Highly recommended. 6.19: Rental Property & Conventional Renovation Loans. Has anyone made any substantial gains from his program? When I became an adult, I stepped out into the world with pretty much zero money. You'll get ongoing access and new lectures for free as we add them into this course. 9.4: Are Impounds able to go up or down in value? In this video, we break down the story of Meet Kevin, how he creatively grew h. There is more. 9.8: Closing Costs, Insurance and Property Taxes, 9.9: Hazard / Fire Insurance, Renters Insurance, Vacant-Home Insurance. 49 Comic Court Circuit, Darling Downs, WA 6122 is for Sale through an agent from Murdoch Jones Realty. 2.4K subscribers in the MeetKevin community. The Reddit Sub for Meet Kevin, Kevin Paffrath, the real estate investing, stocks, and news channel of You're Hunting for Deals (Including wholesaling topics!). Later, studied the topic and soon earned his license during his freshman year of college. Contractors. to Mortgage Insurance can be canceled. Learn to manage and renovate properties for more profits and less headaches. Everyone in the sub seems to hate Meet Kevin, so I thought I'd kick off a thread where everyone shares how much they lost in the stock market following Kevin's "advice", and then explains why it's Kevin's fault and not their own for being stupid. Just one of the lessons in this course could help you earn back your investment or save that amount in taxes for years to come. This channel is run by Kevin Paffrath, a successful realtor and investor from Ventura, California. You're Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth. Section 16 we're goin' liability protection mode. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Due to a variety of reasons, the current California governor, Gavin Newsom, is facing a recall vote, in which the citizens of California will vote to remove Newsom from office and then, should the recall pass, vote for who will replace him, per ABC7. This course will be wide-ranging covering topics for all investors including beginner, intermediate, & advanced investing topics. This information is for students who are able to communicate with their teachers. Kevin also invests in the stock market and is making an extra income through capital gains and options trading in the stock market. Real estate as NFTs, buying your first rental property with Roofstock Onchain - Ep 33 . NEW: Introducing Elite Hustler's University, Grow your income and build your cash war chest (critical now.). In 2008, he started working as a full-time real estate agent and has since sold over $125,000,000 of residential real estate. "You want to get to the point of getting your money to work for you as soon as you can instead of the other way around.". to Are you able to pay more than 20% or 25% down for a rental property? 2.1: The Mentality and the Mindfulness of a Millionaire Investor. There was no looking back. 6.89: Estimated Closing Statement (IMPORTANT) + Final Closing Statement. Real Estate; Pace Morby - Gator Method; New; Pace Morby - Gator Method. Ive gathered all the principles that have grown my net worth and Ive packaged them into a highly detailed and easy-to-follow course so you can benefit from all that Ive learned. The majority of Kevins income comes from his YouTube Channel Meet Kevin. 6.20: USA Small Business Administration Acquisition, Refinance and Renovation Loans, 6.21: Good to Learn: Affordable Housing SUCKS, 6.22: Global: Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs), and International 10-Year/Fixed-Rate Loans. Kevin Paffrath, famously known as Meet Kevin is an American landlord, and financial analyst, who shares his vast real estate knowledge on YouTube. Our opinions are just that, opinions. (Real Get the Sample, 6.33: Whats a Loan Agreement What is it made of? The Hidden Mentality That You Need. As part of his course, he has a Discord channel, as well, which allows him and his students to interact with one another and trade best practices. 7.35: Apartment complexes are more vacuous than houses. Pricing for all of my courses increase regularly (almost every month), so I recommend you lock in the pricing now before it increases. A Somewhat Experienced Investor ($25,000-250,000 Net Worth). 7.6.2: Comps Where to They are out there. Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond https://meetkevin.teachable.com/p/real-estate-investing 2 Votes Follow 5 Replies Jump to Last Reply Log In or Sign Up to Reply 2022, Enroll In Lifetime Access To This Course Before The Price Goes Up, Get Private "Deal Review" Livestreams Before The Price Increases, House Hacking Single Unites & Multiunits (Living for free), Wholesaling (how to flip a contract and assignments), What happens when you can't get a fixed-rate mortgage. Email Kevin@MeetKevin.com. Knowing that no one would take an 18-year-old seriously when buying or selling their home, Paffrath and his future wife bought a condemned home and fixed it up, flipping it for a profit. This course shares ALL of the secrets that Ive used to build my channel to over 1,850,000 subscribers, make it to#1 on trending, and generate over 460,163,092 views. If I had to tell you one thing about growing your net worth, it would be this: START NOW Seriously.Dont wait any longer to learn the principles that can help you grow your income, investments, and wealth. By 2015, Kevin Paffrath was a top 3 agent in Ventura County - outselling teams of agents by himself. It is Important! Its pretty crazy for being such an important topic for your overall success in society that we still dont make it part of the core curriculums. New investorswill learn ground-Learn from how to increase your knowledge to Start at ANY AGE (well offer different start points and segments). Meet Kevin Stocks & the Psychology of Money, Meet Kevin The Real Estate Investor Im Over It Tour Miami, Meet Kevin The DIY Property Management & Rental Renovation, Igor Ledochowski Practitioner Of Mind Bending Language Certification Training 2022, Matt Bockenstette Cross Promo Mastery (Fundamental Model), John Grimshaw (Smart Marketer) Smart Email Marketing 2022. Here are some interesting facts about the boy from Germany who paved his way towards success. Have the clarity to know what to look for and how to get it at the best prices possible (and then what to do with it!) search. Learn how to use _x0001F530 to build yourcashflowandpassive income. Thats what youre really getting when you join. Kevin is young and doing great with real estate from several angles! He sells courses that are centered around his real estate expertise on Teachable. The charges were ultimately dropped, according to CNBC. 375 Likes, TikTok video from Meet Kevin (@realmeetkevin): "Ridiculous real estate startup #a16z #adam #neumann #flow #plunger #startup". I hope you enjoyed this Meet Kevin Course Review#MeetKevin #RealEstateInvesting #CourseReview First of all, Earl is a Texan by choice; and it took some time for him to get here. Well talk about shopping for real estate, valuations, and financing. Learn how tocommunicatewith contractors, agents, lenders to get the bestDEALsand make them smooth. We'll share the renos to never spend on for a sale. Livestreams are guaranteed until 2020. He's built millions of dollars in wealth through single family properties in Southern California and shares some fantastic advice that will help you do the same. 5.7: Qualifying Associations < Important for any HOA Purchases). Feel free to reach out any time: Kevin N. Kling, P.A. BIG BONUS: UNLIMITED ACCESS TO DAILY MEMBER-ONLY LIVESTREAMS. Meet Kevin Paffrath (born January 28, 1992) is a famous Germany born American Youtube Star, realtor, real estate broker, social media influencer, investor, and entrepreneur from Ventura County, California, United States. Appraiser eLearning's Real Estate Appraiser Courses Source: appraiserlearning.com .4. (Meet Kevin Course Review) The Out of State Investor 11.8K subscribers Subscribe 5.9K views 1 year ago Is Meet Kevin's Real Estate Investing Course Worth It? It has 0 bedrooms, 0 bathrooms and 0 parking spots. Paffrath had made a series of YouTube videos calling Cardone's business practices into question. to Are you putting down more than 20% on your Principal Residence Property? 6.16: USA: Most Common Loans & Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Tips and Tricks. Don't forget to favourite it by clicking the heart icon at the top of the page contact the agent via phone or email form. 6.17: USA: Uncommon Loans (Skippable Section): USDA, CalVet, Down Payment Assistance, Affordable. Being a popular YouTuber and making various lucrative real estate investments have increased Kevins overall net value. This course will help you get to that next level faster and can help you accelerate your net worth to reach your financial goals sooner. The members-only Discord channel and private livestreams with Kevin are included. As more members join and the curriculum grows, pricing will increase to support the added value and Discord channel fully. What Ill be sharing in this course is a unique material that I dont share anywhere else. *According to BankRate Average Savings Rate Of .06%. Includes Kevin's buy-and-sell alerts. Never miss a new video or live stream alert! And it instantly boosted my net worth by around $100,000. fayetteville semi pro basketball, custom clothing manufacturers ireland,